Angeles City Bars

Angeles City Bars

Phillies Sports Grill & Bar

The Phillies Club, located at The Front Door Plaza, is an entirely new concept within Philadelphia, offering cuisine that is both modern and upscale. The space is chic, yet classic, with a sleek, contemporary design to match the menu. Whether you are looking for dinner or lunch, The Phillies offers you the comfort of a classic menu paired with modern-day contemporary drinks that are sure to please every member of your family.

There are a wide array of options for your dining companions at Phillies Sports Grill & Bar. You can choose from Italian to Mexican to American to the Mediterranean to contemporary American. Whatever type of dining experience you are looking for, there is a perfect option for you at Phillies Sports Grill & Bar. The Phillies offers an outdoor dining area where you can enjoy a delicious meal while letting the good weather do all the talking.

For those who are looking for an Italian meal, The Phillies offers pizza, pasta, salads, entrees, or sandwiches. There is also a selection of wines from Italian, American, French, German and Asian that will please everyone in your party. As a matter of fact, Phillips Sports Grill & Bar features Asian wines from Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French and Italian vintages for those who prefer a more unique drinking experience. This is not the only unique offering at Phillies Sports Grill & Bar; the restaurant also offers custom wine flights so you can experience the delicious wines of all varieties.

The Phillies is the perfect place to sit back and enjoy the Philadelphia weather. There is something for everyone at this fine restaurant. There are menus to suit your taste buds and the atmosphere is certainly a one-of-a-kind experience. With the Phillies Team Store as well as Phillies Baseball Tours, there is a whole day they can fill you up on food and souvenirs.

* Philadelphia Phillies Team Store – Located in front of Phillies Sports Grill & Bar, guests can purchase Philadelphia Phillies apparel, hats, socks, tickets, cards and more.

* Phillies Baseball Tours – This is an unforgettable experience. The best place to spend the day in Philadelphia. Walkthrough the city, hitting the golf ball off anything that moves. You can have a total tour of the city in a new car. The tours are accompanied by amazing music and an enjoyable guide.

* Phillies Sports Grill & Bar – Have your pick from Italian, American, Tex-Mex, Thai, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Caribbean, and a whole lot more. Whether you’re looking for pizza, pasta, sushi, burgers, sandwiches, ribs, veggie burgers, or Thai food, you’ll find it here.

In addition to all of this, when you’re enjoying a meal at Phillies Sports Grill & Bar, you’ll be surrounded by memories. The restaurant offers a variety of guest rooms to fit every taste. There are deluxe and standard rooms available in Phillies Towers. Their concierge service can help you make travel arrangements to the restaurant.

Phillies Towers is another one of the many luxury Philadelphia hotels to consider. Located on 18 acres, the hotel is close to both the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and the Dravidian Mall. The hotel is above the shops along Broad Street and has its own entrance and security. It also has its own underground parking garage. The tower offers 96 rooms, including 22 suites. Guests can also choose from three different restaurants. In addition, the hotel offers a private deck, a spa, a lounge bar and a fitness center. If you’re looking for a Philadelphia vacation with a difference, look no further. Philles Towers is a luxury Philadelphia hotel you’ll love.

At the Broad Street Hotel, guests can choose from six different restaurants. All of these businesses are well-known in Philadelphia and offer some of the best food in town. If you’re looking for a unique meal, you’ll find it at the Broad Street Hotel. The hotel is famous for the fish tacos served at Bambi Lao. The restaurant offers fine Vietnamese fare. If you want to taste some Italian food, take a look at Gamba in Room 212.

It’s well-known in Philadelphia for its pizza. It offers good value in both pizza and beer. If you’re craving some Tex-Mex food, check out La Mexicano La Sala located in Room 204. It’s a true representative of the Tex-Mex world. It offers both classic and spicy dishes. Guests can order tortas, quesadillas, enchilades, and tacos. Each one of these businesses provides you with excellent food at reasonable prices. At the Broad Street Hotel, you’ll love what this Philadelphia hotel has to offer.

Philadelphia isn’t Philadelphia if you can’t find something to do. But there’s so much to do in Philadelphia if you don’t mind missing out on some of the fun things. The city is known for its culture, nightlife and the beautiful people who call it home. There’s an option for everything you want. You can enjoy a night out at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts or see a sporting event at Lincoln Financial Field. There’s a Philly sport to fit any crowd. The city is a great representation of the American dream and you’ll love standing at the stadium that never sleeps.

The city is bursting with places to see. The Germantown Avenue section is known for its ethnic restaurants and diners. Visitors can choose from Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian and Italian. The neighborhoods have close to 400 restaurants and diners. So if you’re craving pizza and you want to feel like a native, the Germantown Avenue area is for you. If you’re looking for more upscale dining, you’ll find it south of Broad Street.

Visitors can choose from French, Italian, Asian and New American. Whether you’re visiting Philadelphia for the action sports events or just for the culture, tourists can’t go wrong with the attractions the city is home to. From the Philadelphia Museum of Art, to the Independence Hall National Memorial, National Constitution Center and the Delaware River waterfront, you’re bound to find something to impress you.

When the sun goes down, the stars shine brighter. The Delaware River waterfront affords scenic vistas and a unique, intimate feel. It makes the most inviting area of Philadelphia that much more enticing. It’s the perfect place to visit or live. You can see the city from both land and water. The city is truly an amalgamation of both classic and contemporary.

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